How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

how much money have i spent on league

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In this article, we’ll explain how you can figure out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends (LoL). We’ll also explain how much the average user spends.

League of Legends is an addictive role-playing game with millions of users worldwide; the game offers simple compatible gameplay in which you have to score better or win constantly in order to upgrade a few items. But we all know that it is not possible for even a professional player to continue the winning streak that is why the game has an in-app purchase option through which after paying actual money you can buy certain items like gold, gems, skins and other things which can help you upgrade yourself in the game.

How Much Have I Spent on League?

So, if you want to know what how much I spent on league of legends? Then I’ll till you despite all that urge to keep my professional integrity as a gamer intact. Given the digital approach using Wi-Fi and cellular data it has become really simple for people to purchase whatever they want, in a similar fashion online gaming industry is also revolving due to the very fact. For myself, I have spent over $200 on the game.

Did the Money I Spent on LoL Help?

Well, a genuine answer to that question would be that Yes! It definitely helped me to stead further in the game, getting stronger and achieving high goals. It is just the way that the more you put in the more you win and get better at it. You shouldn’t entirely take that for granted and end up giving away a huge sum of money for the cause because there is no urge or constant need to put in money all the time when you can have better gameplay without it. The bottom line is that if you really don’t have any extra cash to spend on the game then no worries, you can perform better by just playing the game.

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For one thing, buying certain items can increase your likelihood of getting stronger and better at winning.

What is the Limit You Can Spend on LoL?

That is also a very interesting question, the only limit is how far you are willing to go? Of course, games do have a limit but we have seen many examples over social media as well as many other websites reporting that people have spent thousands of dollars over a variety of items in the league of legends. Therefore, it is just how much you are willing to go beyond, but if you consider that you can only get better or win the game by spending money then it is just not it, other things such as your skills and strategy build up also matter. But if you have some extra cash and you are willing to spend it over the game then it will prove to be a game changer for you.

How Much I Have Spent on League of Legends (LoL)?

To check how much you’ve spent on LoL, you can visit Riot Game’s Support System and send them a ticket (ask them how much you’ve spent on LoL): Ask Riot How Much You’ve Spent on LoL Here

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Your second option is to enter your info on a Wasted on LoL site here: wol.gg

What’s the Average Spent on League?

Judging by some posts on LoL Reddit subforums, the average consensus is around $350ish in total spent on League. This is a very, very informal average based on when we’ve observed.

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