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Want to learn more about WendysWantsToKnow.com or the Wendys Survey? To chalk it up, all you have to do is dine in one of the many available Wendy’s fast-food chains and take the customer satisfaction survey online.

wendys surveyYou are probably familiar with the red-haired girl logo which you witnessed among various food restaurants, that’s right we are talking about Wendy’s — one of the most fantastic and upbeat fast-food destinations.

Wendy’s have been through some tough times, they have seen all kinds of hardships and as they say, hard work does actually pays off, that is why there are over 5,000+ Wendy’s destinations worldwide (that’s huge!).

But we are not here to brag about how awesome Wendy’s food is or why you should go get a chicken sandwich or frosty right now, but the nature of this article is how to get free coupons and food from Wendy’s.

wendys survey

You probably have learned about the exciting offer from Wendy’s on the back of your receipt.wendys survey

It is really to get a free sandwich just for telling them about your visit. But how can you take Wendy’s customer satisfaction survey?

How to Take The Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

All you have to do is dine in one of the many available Wendy’s fast-food chains and sign for the customer satisfaction survey at WendysWantsToKnow.com and share your thoughts. You’ll also need to enter information that can be found over your billing receipt such as:

  • Restaurant Number
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

After this information has been successfully provided you can continue to the survey, there will be simple questions such as how much you enjoyed the food? How was the overall service? What did you like? What kind of new features would you like for them to implement?

After you are done with the survey you will get a coupon (free sandwich!) either directly after the survey is over or on your email address, whichever one you chose before taking on the survey. The coupon directs to free food item such as a burger or sandwich for yourself at any Wendy’s location.

Rules for Taking the Wendy’s Survey

There are certain rules for talktowendys customer service participation such as:

  • Clients who are workers or family members of the workers at Wendy’s can’t take part in the poll for talktowendys survey.
  • You have to utilize the coupon within 14 days after accepting the poll for the customer survey along with the usage of 1 voucher per 30 days.

Wendys Survey Conclusion

wendys survey

Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Homepage

Are you ready to complete the survey in order to grab free food from Wendys? Just keep the following tips in mind:

  1. First of all, you need to take the language you are comfortable with, reaching over the survey website and after putting in your credentials you will be asked for the choice of language you feel comfortable for the survey. Always choose the one you know better.
  2. All the questions need not be answered right away, you can skip a few and move on to others you feel comfortable with, even after you have finished the survey and still don’t feel like answering those questions then still you are free to skip and move on.
  3. After you have completed your poll and turned it in successfully, you will receive a special code or otherwise a voucher that you can use to obtain the free meal at Wendy’s.
  4. The best strategy in this regard would be to write that special code over your receipt or somewhere you can have easy access to it, that way you won’t forget to obtain your free meal when at Wendy’s.

The whole purpose of this survey is to obtain helpful knowledge, reviews, and tips from the regular Wendy’s customer in order to improve the overall service. Your reviews and surveys help to make certain resolutions at Wendy’s regarding new food recipes or improving the take in and take out service more and also making things more efficient and functional. Therefore, don’t forget to do this survey and claim your free food from Wendy’s right away.



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