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Taco Bell is one of the largest and most famous fast food chain in the whole world. Currently, this food chain has 7000 restaurants around the world, serving more than two billion customers every day. For over two decades it has gained its popularity and fast food followings not only with its Mexican dishes but also with the help of Hollywood Blockbusters and its unique marketing schemes.

The marketing strategies and tasty foods have kept everyone hooked on the Taco Bell innovations. Starting from the Taco Bell Chihuahua dog to the Chalupa and the Crunchwrap Supreme, the fast food chain keeps coming up with delicious and innovative new things.


If you share your feedback with Taco Bell and complete the Taco Bell Survey then they give you a chance to win TelltheBell Sweepstakes of $5oo cash when you take the Tell the Bell Survey.

But still, one Taco Bell strategy, which is not well known among the people, is the $500 Tell The Bell – customer satisfaction survey.

What is Tell The Bell?


TellTheBell.com is actually a website where you can take part in the customer satisfaction sweepstakes survey. The purpose of this survey is to get the customer feedback on Taco Bell foods and service together with ideas on how to improve and improvise the Taco Bell restaurants customer care and food service according to the likes and dislikes of the customers. Because this survey takes some of your precious time so Taco Bell gives you a chance to win $500 cash by completing this survey and entering the sweepstakes.

Does Anyone Ever Win?

By doing research over the internet and from customer experience, it has been seen that people do in fact win. For every one sweepstakes period, four lucky winners are chosen from the people who have completed the survey. Although looking at the number of Taco Bell customers worldwide and the popularity, you should not keep your hopes up unless you have a lucky streak going on!

How To Enter Tell The Bell?


Survey customer must need a 16-digit survey code, which is nearby on your Tellthebell survey receipt.

You become eligible for the Tell The Bell customer satisfaction survey by purchasing anything from a Taco Bell franchise. It can be a single bottle of water or a taco. Once you get the receipt, look at the top where you will find a 16 digit number. Visit the TellTheBell.com and enter this 16 digit number in the place provided. This number allows you to enter the survey and proceed to the next section. Once entered, it will hardly take five minutes of your time to fill out the answers. (take note that no personal information is asked in the survey, it is mostly only regarded to the food and customer care service of Taco Bell)

Tell The Bell Complaints?

Tell The Bell is a legit Taco Bell survey that asks for your honest opinion, so it is a good option to go with honesty if you want the food chain to keep meeting your standards. As for the thing regarding the winners, you should be aware that the chances are limited and not everyone can win. Also, keep in mind that Tell The Bell is not the official complaint register for Taco Bell. The survey just offers you with multiple choice questions.

Tell The Bell Summary

In short, Tell The Bell is a customer satisfaction survey which gives you a chance to win $500 cash for every time you purchase something from Taco Bell. So it is wise not to let the receipt go to waste and give a few minutes to the customer feedback survey as you never know when the lady luck might be on your side!



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