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About Kroger

In the United States, the Kroger has earned the name of the largest grocery store. They deal in retails, grocery, supermarket, manufacturing and merchandising. The main objective is to deliver a good shopping experience that makes both the customers and employees happy and satisfied. For customer satisfaction, they have launched the feedback platform to continuous update from customer’s views.


Kroger is offering an online survey feedback platform for the customers. Customers have the opportunity to be a part of a sweepstakes survey and win different prizes like gift cards, 50 bonus fuel points, digital coupons, and more.

All these points, cards, coupons can be utilized while purchasing through Kroger. The main purpose of the feedback survey is customer satisfaction from the products and services. In case of any loopholes in their experience they continuously work for the improvement of products and services to make the customer delighted.

Kroger Feedback | www.KrogerFeedback.com | Customer Satisfaction Survey

The KrogerFeedback Portal is launched to get the know-how of the customers’ views about the recent purchase.  The customers who recently bought from the outlet can participate in this survey and earn a free 50 bonus fuel points, coupons, plus, and more!


KrogerFeedback.com Survey Steps

Are you looking for how to take part in the Kroger feedback survey? Here, is the one by one easy step for customer’s guidance.


  • Make a purchase from the Kroger store and save the receipts.
  • Open the browser (any chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.) either in laptop or mobile.
  • In order to visit the official website, enter krogerfeedback.com and share their experience of shopping with Kroger.
  • Now, take your receipts of Kroger and enter three things; date, time and entry ID to start the survey.
  • Different questions will be shown on your screen as soon as you enter all the necessary details of receipts in the system. Start answering all the question and share your shopping experience.
  • In case you want to participate in sweepstakes, enter your loyalty card details and contact details for further processing.
  • When you completed this survey, you will win 50 bonus fuel point plus participant of sweepstakes.

Above are the important steps which you must follow to earn the 50 bonus fuel points, the entry in sweepstakes and earn discount coupons of Kroger.

Other requirements

Following things are required to register the online customer Kroger feedback survey:

  • From Kroger stores make a purchase and save the receipts
  • Use your receipt within 7 days of issuance
  • Must have computer/mobile and stable internet connection
  • Must have the know-how of language (Spanish or English)
  • Time to be a part of the survey
  • Give a rating to different goods & services
  • Answer all the questions that display on your screen one by one

The monthly Kroger feedback survey sweepstakes are up and available 24/7 for your convenience. Be a part of this survey any time.

Conditions to Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey

For the online survey, there are some rules and regulation which you must follow to win the gift cards which will award in the following three months.

  • Your age must be 18 and above
  • Purchase from the Kroger store and use the receipt within 7 days
  • You must have the residency of US or Columbia district
  • You are not eligible in case you are a dearest family member or employee
  • Failure to make a purchase, be a part of sweepstakes through entering by post
  • Unlimited times you can use the valid receipts per sweepstake period
  • One receipt is entered one time only

To be the part of the survey, must visit and follow the official website of Kroger survey. Many people are involved in taking a fake survey through social media. So, they alert you that Kroger will never take the feedback from the customers through social media. Moreover, there will be no popup when you visit the website and in the coupon code, they will never guarantee the larger price of money. You must consider all the things while giving feedback.

Do You Need a Receipt?

Send the handwritten postcard by mentioning the name, phone number, and full address when you are interested to participating in the monthly sweepstakes in the absence of any purchase. This card must be mailed to PNI Station of monthly sweepstakes customer survey. Send every month post-based entries and sweepstakes can enter as many times as possible per month, while in an online survey, you need the new valid receipts every time to start the survey. The types of products you buy don’t have any influence in becoming part of monthly winners. Both online and offline entries have equal chances to be drawn for $100 and $5000 rewards of the gift card.

Kroger Feedback Objectives

The primary purpose of the company to collect honest reviews of customer recent shopping experience and analyze the things to extend good customer experience next time. The feedback helps to improve the satisfaction level of the customer while shopping at the Kroger store. Consider the price, quality, and availability of products and services. Make the staff more presentable and cooperating. Moreover, convince more customers to visit the store and make a purchase.

Kroger Feedback 50 Bonus Fuel Points

  • This promotion is not for the Sunshine state; aka Florida, New York or Rhode Island
  • One hundred prices are for given away purposes
  • Promotion mechanics will manage all the prize draw of this survey.
  • $100 Kroger Gift card will be the prize in the very first place.
  • Winner Customers will be informed through email, mail or phone.
  • When Kroger deems fit, they have the right to cancel or modify this promotion scheme without informing the customers.

Kroger Corporate Information

  • Kroger was established in 1883 with less than $400 that would be $10,000 in today’s money value.
  • Kroger is managed by Mr. W. Rodney and Mr. Michael L. Ellis
  • Downtown Cincinnati is the place where Kroger headquarter is located.
  • In the US retailers, Wal-Mart deals with Kroger.

What other companies give out free food?

Many companies give free coupons or send out advertising and deals to their newsletter subscribers which contain free coupons. They’ll also give you a free treat if you fill out their customer satisfaction survey.

So head on over to your favorite store’s website and simply give them your email address or take their customer satisfaction survey for a chance of free coupons or a free meal.

Here are some good places to start:


Kroger is one of the largest and renowned retail shops in the US among thousands of superstores, hypermarket, fuel centers, jewelry stores, etc. in 34 different states. If you are living in the US, then chances are you visit the Kroger one or more time to buy the products. Become a part of recently monthly KrogerFeedback sweepstakes and give online feedback on customer satisfaction survey and get a chance to win:

  • One of 3 $5,000 gift card
  • One of 300 $100 gift cards



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